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First rate travel writing...Gives the reader all the fun and suspense without the danger...The Atlantic

Lucky for us Nugent is a cross between Sir Richard Francis Burton and Hunter Thompson...You'll love this book....Mirabella Magazine

Otherworldly trip...The pages fly by. And it's better than just good...Providence Journal

Winning debut...A delight cover-to-cover...Boston Herald

Rollicking entertainment....People Magazine

A captivating journey...It should sweep you away with it...Boston Globe

The best travel book I read this year...A magic carpet ride...San Diego Union

I finished this book suffused with awe...Nugent is a deft writer with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a keen eye for detail...This guy sure can write...LA Times

Travel writing for those who consider Bali and Fuji hopelessly middle class...Washington Post

The book is a delight cover to cover...LA Times

CRITIC'S CORNER....Partial list of reviews
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George W. S. Trow for THE NEW YORKER

Tha Calcutta fowl Market (page1) In this city where street signs are as rare as trees, I need some information.I've been wandering around Calcutta for one and one-half days looking for a pink-headed duck, but the only people who will talk to me are shop ownersand hucksters trying to sell me something. Then, by chance, I happen upon the Calcutta Tourist Office.
Do you need help? a official asks in an indifferent voice.
I sure do....